Wednesday, November 19, 2008


from sketchbook.

painted in gouache.

2 on 2 Jazz & Sketch

Society of Illustrator has many amazing events throughout a year. One of my favorite is 2 on 2 Jazz & Sketch. I like to take my friends there, and so far, everyone loved it! They also have a bar inside which is a plus point.

Sketchbook #2

Sketchbook #1

@ starbucks

Greeting from NYC

I've been meaning to start a blog for long time but I never got a chance (or simply being lazy). Then I had some spare time at work why not. I hope having a blog helps me to keep drawing every day.

This illustration is from my sketchbook.. and I've been using this as my personal thank you card for past couple months
. My friends told me that I got the job because of this thank you card. uhmmm..maybe that is true..?! Power of a hand-made card!!